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Become a Master Node

  1. Configuration

Configuring node with Inery Account name and server IP or DNS go to inery-node/inery.setup/tools/

cd tools

open config.json file

    nano config.json

scroll down to MASTER ACCOUNT and replace placeholders


Name can have maximum of 12 characters ASCII lowercase a-z, 1-5 and dot character "." but dot can't be at the end of string

  • AccountName = Inery master account name
  • PublicKey = Public key of an account
  • PrivateKey = Private key of an account
  • IP = IP address or DNS of your server

"NAME": "AccountName",
"PUBLIC_KEY": "PublicKey",
"PRIVATE_KEY": "PrivateKey",
"PEER_ADDRESS": "IP:9010",

Save it (ctrl+S), Type "Y" and exit (ctrl+X)

Start blockchain protocol

go to previous directory "inery-setup" and run script

cd .. script will start a blockchain protocol, run it with options "--master"

./ --master

Check everything is setup properly by executing command :

tail -f master.node/blockchain/nodine.log

You should be able to see block replay

Register and approve

After everything is setup, you have to register and after approve it your account as producer

In order for transaction to pass, you will need wallet activated To activate wallet, go to user directory and type command :

cd;  cline wallet create --file defaultWallet.txt

Now you created your default wallet with password saved in "defaultWallet.txt" file In order to use wallet, wallet must me unlocked To do so,replace YOUR_WALLET_PASSWORD with acctual password and execute command :

    cline wallet unlock --password YOUR_WALLET_PASSWORD

After wallet is unlocked, import your account's private key, replacing MASTER_PRIVATE_KEY with private key of your account, by executing command :

    cline wallet import --private-key MASTER_PRIVATE_KEY

Bind your account to master party

executing command:


Its required to set your real node ip for this command

Approve your account as master

For this action you will need 50000 INR on your blockchain account which will be transfered to inery.stake account.

execute command:

cline master approve ACCOUNT_NAME

If you want to stop using the master schedule at any point, you can use the cline master unapprove command to tell inery.stake to return the initially staked 50000 INR to your master account and account will stop producing blocks.