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What is Inery

Inery represents a distributed database with blockchain synergy adopted in order to utilize blockchain technology to decentralize data while, at the same time, reducing data breaches and assuring security. This approach secures user data and has a widespread usage.

Our goal is to make Inery usable for anything and everything. It can be used in secure storage, medicine, supply chains, finance, banking, etc. The Inery platform application functions as a container for storing data which is continually being converted into a computer-readable form. In this way, with the data being securely stored and bound by value contracts, the Inery Blockchain enables to store, varify, and transfer data with utmost transparency and security.

The Inery software represents a perfect solution for any business that wants to benefit from the decentralized blockchain technology. As such, Inery is specially designed to address the decentralization of databases.