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Contract setup

Setup token contract code on your Inery Account. The process of setting up the token contract will take place on Inery Node

Get token contract

You can download nft contract from this link.

 git clone

Set token contract

Setting token contract from inery.nft.wasm and inery.nft.abi files downloaded in previous step to demonft account demonft is random account generated for demonstration purposes

Manage wallet

Unlock wallet and import private key of an account you want to use as token contract

In terminal execute commands :

  • Unlock wallet
 cline wallet unlock --password WALLET_PASSWORD
  • Import private key
 cline wallet import --private-key ACCOUNT_PRIVATE_KEY

Set contract

Navigate to where your contract files are on the node, and then push set contract transaction to set token contract to your account

  • Set contract
 cline set contract demonft .

output :

Reading WASM from /root/nft/nft.wasm...
Publishing contract...
executed transaction: 5c1590cd48a29085c8afd48bf00b68445fd973244033799997a9b8fcde8ba021 13144 bytes 5375 us
\# inery <= inery::setcode {"account":"demonft","vmtype":0,"vmversion":0,"code":"0061736d010000000181022760000060037f7e7f006003...
\# inery <= inery::setabi {"account":"demonft","abi":"0e696e6572793a3a6162692f312e31020769645f747970650675696e743634087572695f...

Successfully created token account!