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To deploy contract to inery blockchain network u must have Inery Node information

Transfer files to Node


Skip this step if you compiled your contract directly on Node.

First you need to transfer your files to active node you will need to scp ziped folder to server for that you can use scp command, but first zip folder

Zip Folder

 cd ..
zip -r inrcrud/

Transfer Zip

Now u can transfer ziped folder with scp command replace NODE_IP_OR_DNS placeholder with actual IP or DNS of node

 sudo scp NODE_IP_OR_DNS:/home
[email protected]_IP_OR_DNS\'s password: # Here you paste your server password

Set Contract

Go to your active node to then deploy CRUD contract on your Inery Account

Connect to Node

Connect to a node with ssh connection

 ssh [email protected]_IP_OR_DNS

[email protected]_IP_OR_DNS\'s password: # Here you paste your server password

Welcome to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (GNU/Linux 5.4.0-40-generic x86_64)
Last login: Mon Jul 18 13:02:31 2022
[inery-node][user ~]

Unzip folder

Go to directory where your zip folder is located, unzip it and go to inrcrud directory

[inery-node][ ~ ]  cd /home
[inery-node][ home ] ls
[inery-node][ home ] unzip
creating: inrcrud/
inflating: inrcrud/inrcrud.wasm
inflating: inrcrud/inrcrud.cpp
inflating: inrcrud/inrcrud.abi
[inery-node][ home ] ls
[inery-node][ home ] cd inrcrud
[inery-node][ inrcrud ]

Wallet import

In order for contract to be embedded to account, you must sign transaction with account's private key, so first unlock wallet and then import your account private key into wallet

[inery-node][ inrcrud ]  cline wallet unlock --password WALLET_PASSWORD
Unlocked: default
[inery-node][ inrcrud ] cline wallet import --private-key ACCOUNTS_PRIVATE_KEY
imported private key for: INE8hg8W15AbYwftSKSwdB1R26X65JgQa5zZVyWyjFcUKhU1FvCMF

Contract Embedd

Connect your inery account with CRUD contract by executing this command : " cline set contract ACCOUNT_NAME PATH_TO_FILE [WASM_FILE] [ABI_FILE]"

[inery-node][ inrcrud ]  cline set contract inrcrud ./
Reading WASM from /home/inrcrud/inrcrud.wasm...
Publishing contract...
executed transaction: 559171b25fe1c07772640a57b09199f457c167cd70576630016aa371fad54c46 4944 bytes 2108 us
# inery <= inery::setcode {"account":"inrcrud","vmtype":0,"vmversion":0,"code":"0061736d01000000019e011a6000006000017f60027f7f...
# inery <= inery::setabi {"account":"inrcrud","abi":"0e696e6572793a3a6162692f312e3100050663726561746500030269640675696e743634...
warning: transaction executed locally, but may not be confirmed by the network yet

Success! You have deployed your CRUD contract, Now you can use actions to modify and read from your table